Let's experience life with rescued cats and adopt them!

Living with cats is such a wonderful experience and makes your life worthwhile.

There is an option to adopt saved cats, rather than purchasing them from petshops.

Our cats are all from an NPO organization called "OSAKA NEKO NET" and looking for their new family.

Of course cats lovers, those who intend to have a cat, interested in rescuing animals.

Please visiting and playing with our cats would be helping them.

We are looking forward to your visit.

Thank you.

Cat room rate.

Weekday  60min-----1.200yen+tax

Weekday  120min-----1,900yen+tax

Weekday free time (6PM~)  Unlimited max120min-----1,500yen+tax

You can stay in the cat area until we closed. Cat’s dinner starts at 7:30PM.

Public holiday  60min-----1,400yen+tax

Child fare (Under 12years old)

Weekday(Only 30min)---500yen+tax

Public holiday(Only 30min)---700yen+tax

Extra charge  20min every-----400yen+tax

Only cat room rates,cafe menu is additional order.English menu available.

Speciality coffee, organic tea and light meal...

How to use.

・I’ll be giving you a time card, so please manage your own time.
・Please disinfect the palms of your hands.
・Keep the entrance closed when the door opened.
・You can take photos but no flash, please.
・Feel free to ask us how to hold a cat.
・Please sit down when you’re holding a cat in your arms and
 don’t hug the cat if it doesn’t  want to be hugged.
・Please wear socks when you go into the cat areas.

・Please keep an eye on your child when together with your children.

Address: 5-7-8 Yamada Bld.201, Tenjimbashi, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 530-0041, Japan